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Cake Delivery Bakery In Winter Park, Florida


Why We Started This Cake, Party, and Celebrations Delivery Business

“Imagine not having to run around before your celebration picking up balloons, cakes or decorations. Scotchie’s will make your next celebration easier! We deliver our cakes, cupcakes, balloons and themed tableware for all occasions right to your home or business. Custom cake delivery is our specialty. Wide delivery area”

That’s on our home page.

That’s how things got started.

We have a monthly gathering for family birthdays and there’s 24  of us (not counting the dogs) that are usually at Grandma and Grandpa’s house.  As with any prep and organization, emails go out beforehand to see who is taking care of what. Eventually, the food and cakes (there’s always more than one birthday per month with this family) are figured out, and all that’s left if finding gifts for the birthday people. Frankencards now appear, but that’s for another Helpful Hint Post. Anyway, to make for a smooth gathering, we thought it would be neat to outsource a few things since everyone is so busy nowadays. It’s not fun trying to take care of things last minute and not being able to enjoy the party as a result. So we thought there should be a service that provides party details needed but especially a good cake or cupcakes that would make the event what it’s supposed to be: a celebration with family, friends, food and fantastic cakes! We deliver cakes!

So imagine not having to run around before your celebration…

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by Liza Maldonado on Scotchie's
Best Wedding Cake

OMG the best wedding cake I've ever tasted! So moist and delicious

Thank you so much!!



Rave Reviews

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Michelle Molden-Sevison reviewed Scotchie’s — 5 star

August 14 at 10:52pm


Heather LaBrecque Pavliga reviewed Scotchie’s — 5 star

April 16

Super yummy cookie cake personalized for my friend’s 40th birthday! Cookie cake was delicious, had big chocolate chips in it and was perfectly made!


Katie Mary reviewed Scotchie’s — 5 star

February 3

Rosa Potts reviewed Scotchie’s — 5 star

February 25

Maureen Parks reviewed Scotchie’s — 5 star

January 11

Kim Padgett reviewed Scotchie’s — 5 star

January 19

Thomas A Galaida reviewed Scotchie’s — 5 star

January 2

 John Michael reviewed Scotchie’s5 star

Your cake was served at our Holiday Party last week and it was delicious/fantastic. I was pleasantly surprised. I am not a dessert connoisseur but it was all gone when I went for a second piece and I understood why.


Margaret Shepard reviewed Scotchie’s — 5 star

August 17, 2016

Chrissy Gordon reviewed Scotchie’s — 5 star

August 19, 2016

Laura Wade

April 19, 2018

Love Scotchie’s! We recently had a surprise Baby Shower for a co-worker…we opted for 100 mini-cupcakes in lieu of a cake, and arranged them on a tiered display that we also purchased from Scotchie’s. Scotchie’s Mini Cupcakes were a hit! Had several compliments on how tasty the cupcakes were. They disappeared very quickly! Thank you Dan!!! We can always count on you!! =)


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